Five Save Life is a non-profit community-based organization that is committed to improving the lives of all of Ontario’s single parents and their dependents by providing them the resources needed and offering continuous support.


Our Vision is to accommodate and help empower single parents by coming together in our struggles and creating a family within the community.


Respect, Empathy, Co-operation, Care, Open-Minded, Honesty


Being a single parent could be by choice or not, but there will always be a fact that points out that being a single parent, role model, and active member of Canadian Society is not an easy task.

Canada starts to notice a dramatic increment of the marital status changes as the number increases annually either by separation from the other party or losing the other half by death.

The 2016 Statistics Canada shows; 1.7 million Canadians are considered single parents, increasing to around 80,000 families every year. 

Single parents families have a high rate of poverty, abuse, and crimes. Rapid action needs to be taken to change the situation.

In January of 2019, Five Save Life came into existence, focusing on supporting and evolving single parent’s life and achieving what they dream of, and helping them to contribute to our society.

The first word FIVE represents our figures as the first step after deciding to change your life and set your plans to execute by using your fingers by opening new doors and searching for a better life.

Then the words SAVE LIFE followed as we believe deeply; any change in life needs to start within us.

Our goal was to help single parents in Mississauga first, and then we extended to other cities. We started supporting our clients from our office as we want to redirect most of our funds and donations toward our clients only. We want to allocate the rent and/or purchase funds to serve more people. Then we decided to rent a space, to be used for storing, showcasing, and handing the donations we received.

From different private donors. These donations helped our clients to furnish their homes, to vesture their bodies, and a place to package their foods and hygiene kits.

We always believed that the quality of our service and support will bring new members from all parts of Ontario and abroad. That’s why we aim toward the best and wear our client’s shoes.

In less than two years, we serviced around 2000 single-parent families, spread in Eight regions (Durham, York, GTA, Peel, Halton, Hamilton, Kitchener, and London). To this day we continuously receive calls for help outside our jurisdiction, Ontario which is an eye-opener for everyone to understand the size of single parents’ obstacles and the need for us to expand federally.

We believe that each new member is a unique case that requires a unique approach. As a result, we consider one-on-one consultation with new members to be essential and active to have positive and promising results. 

Our ultimate goal is to create a family within our community where you join as a client then you will continue with us as a mentor, and advocate for our journey in supporting new single parents