Five Save Life is a non-profit, community-based organization that is committed to improving the lives of all single-parents and their dependants in Ontario. We execute our mission by providing single-parents in Ontario with resources and ongoing community support.


Five Save Life’s vision is to accommodate and empower single-parents through fostering healthy family within the community, and removing barriers that inequitably contribute to the intersectional oppression faced by single-parent households.


Respect, Empathy, Co-operation, Care, Open-Mindedness, Honesty


Canada has begun to show a dramatic increase in the population of single-parents annually, leading to an exponential increase in the national population of single-parents. In 2016, Statistics Canada considered 1.7 million Canadians to be single-parents, in 2021 we watched that number rise 1.83 million.

Five Save Life began it’s mission in January of 2019 to support the goals and needs of the rapidly growing population of single-parents in Ontario through providing a growing list of services such as translation and interpretation services, help finding a residence, job-finding assistance, help filling out applications, support starting your own business, and advocation for legal and social matters. We began our mission at home, in Mississauga, and as our community grew we branched outward towards other Ontario regions that need support and resources for single-parents. In less than two years, we have serviced nearly 2000 single-parent families across— six regions of Ontario (Durham, York, Peel, Halton, Hamilton, and London). Our agency receives daily calls for help that are outside our provincial jurisdiction.

Our name, ‘Five Save Life’ is symbolic of the empowerment our organization represents, ‘Five’ represents our five fingers that we use to create action, and facilitate positive change in our lives. The first step towards independence is yours to take, you have the power to change your life in your own hands, the journey starts with you. Hands reach out for community, and we are there to greet you, walk alongside your journey, and support you in recognizing, achieving, and growing your goals for yourself and your family. Our ultimate goal at Five Save Life is to create a family within our community where clients can feel supported long after they no longer need direct support, we facilitate these opportunities for ongoing involvement through mentorship programs, volunteer opportunities and ongoing events.

Five Save Life has the ability to sustain quality support for our clients through generous community donations, and government grants, but our organization is rapidly growing to address the increased need for single-parent specific services in Ontario. As Five Save Life looks to the future, we recognize and advocate for the need to expand our services federally and welcome all opportunities to help our community reach out far and wide to empower single-parents.