Mrs. Alkayyali, the assistant manager for RBC, and Mrs. Fatema, the financial planner were our speakers they focus on this session on the foundation of banking and how our clients can take advantage of all the services that RBC offers.

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Workshop Attendees  45

The chartered accountant Fathi Abu Farah explain how to file CERB, CESB, and all the government support during the COVID19 era.

Over 30 participants attended the workshop and benefited from Mr. Abu Farah’s experience.

To watch the full workshop.

Workshop Attendees  38


Muslim Will founder Mr. Obaid explain the benefit of writing a will in Canada and how that will protect our clients’ children. He answered to many questions and offered a discount code FiveSaveLife20To watch the full workshop click below.

Workshop Attendees  22

We highlight the government and non government benefits and offers via this workshop. And if you would like to watch the full workshop click the below button.

Workshop Attendees  12

The financial advisors explain to our clients the benefit of RRSP and RESP and offer their expertise to help our clients to open new accounts and to plan the future of themselves and their children.

Workshop Attendees  10