Five Save Life is a community-based, nonprofit organization that supports single-parent families from all backgrounds, races, religions, and ethnicities. Our organization provides one-on-one consultation, educational workshops, translation and interpretation services, residence-finding, job-finding, help filling out applications, support with home businesses, advocacy surrounding various personal and legal issues, and settlement services for newcomers and citizens both inside and outside of the shelter system.

Five Save Life workshops offered to clients always have an expert in the education, health, legal, settlement, and/or parenting fields to create equitable opportunities for single-parent families to engage with their community and discover pathways to brighter futures. Our team of helping professionals are continuously working to bring single parents closer to their children and bridge the gap between youth and seniors through inclusive programming and dynamic cooperation.

Five Save Life is committed to diverse service delivery and offers all services in English, French, Arabic, Urdu, Somali, Spanish, and Farsi. Five Save Life delivers services through a team of volunteers and employees who equip our clients with the resources, services, and tools necessary to achieve their goals successfully.

Five Save Life is committed to empowering and educating future generations of helping professionals by offering student placement opportunities annually in partnership with Ontario post-secondary institutions.