Volunteering is considered the backbone of any NGO. As a volunteer, the opportunity to give back to your community meaningfully can positively impact your sense of achievement and community pride. Creating pathways for single parents to achieve their goals is only possible through involvement in the single-parent community.  We invite and encourage anyone interested in empowering single parents and their families to apply to volunteer with Five Save Life. Volunteers have expressed that their experience with Five Save Life has allowed them to learn and develop new skills in positive community engagement and to build on existing knowledge and experience with underserved communities in Ontario. 

Five Save Life offers three types of different volunteer opportunities: 

Community Volunteering is for someone 18 years or older who has the time and means to support single-parent families in their community. 

Volunteering for Secondary School Hours is offered for students in grades 9-12 who want to complete 40 hours of volunteer work to earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. 

Educational Volunteering opportunities are offered for college and university students who are studying Social Work and/or Community Development and seeking supervised co-op, placement, or practicum opportunities to achieve their curriculum requirements. 

For Home Delivery and Storage Support Position, Click Below Link Then After Finishing Reading It, Fill Up The Training Completion Acknowledgment To Be Considered For the Position.