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Each new client at Five Save Life will partake in an intake one on one consultation. This consultation is very important for new clients, as it offers our team the opportunity to get to know you, your family, and your needs. Client’s of Five Save Life are offered the opportunity to continue one on one consultations with our counsellors on an ongoing basis, meeting as frequently as necessary to address mental health needs, emotional concerns, or to have a safe space to vent about the stresses of everyday life. One on one consultations offer clients the opportunity to work personally with a counsellor at Five Save Life, to equip clients with tools necessary to live a fulfilling and empowered life.

Advocation and integrity are key fixtures in our translation and interpretation services. Five Save Life has the capacity to translate and interpret the languages of English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Somalian, and Urdu. Our translation and interpretation services offer our clients the ability to feel safe, confident, and comfortable when communicating in a new language. Five Save Life translation and interpretation services work with clients to communicate with government bodies and organizations, as well as private sector services such as schools, workplaces, and residences. All written translations from Five Save Life come with an affidavit identifying the translation as a true copy of the original document.

Five Save Life supports clients seeking new residence for a variety of reasons, whether clients have lost their home, or have lost their ability to pay for a home, Five Save Life works with clients to understand their housing needs, and to educate client’s about rent, home-sharing opportunities, and/or relocation to a different city or region in Ontario. Five Save Life works with both shelters and clients to assess and address the housing needs of single-parents in the community, and to connect clients with appropriate housing as well as further education on OESP and LEAP. Five Save Life clients have access to exclusive, private housing services and connections with Five Save Life’s network of real estate agents and individual home owners.

Finding a job is not just about finding work, it’s about empowerment and independence. Five Save Life offers assistance to clients who are seeking employment in all six of the regions we service. Our job assistance services assess and evaluate the career goals of clients, their current level of education, and the steps necessary to help client’s find appropriate, secure employment. Five Save Life works with government and non-government organizations to train people in a variety of different positions and opportunities that fit with the client’s goals, aspirations, skills, and education. Five Save Life offers many employment workshops to assist clients with resume building, interview preparation, and job-finding. Clients are provided with access to exclusive, private employment services to assist them in securing employment.

Five Save Life offers our clients assistance with filling out government and non-government applications, such as applying for permanent residence, citizenship, passports, registering for housing, and/or writing case letters, in addition to applications for government supported services and programs. Five Save Life has an individual equipped in each of our six regions with the necessary skills to assist clients in completing any and all application forms they might need help with.

Five Save Life empowers client’s to aspire to start their own home business, through meeting with clients who wish to start their own business and assessing their hard skills, their goals, and their business plan. For clients who do not have access to the licensing, tools, or equipment to apply their hard skills as entrepreneurs, Five Save Life is committed to reducing these barriers to business ownership for all clients in both direct and indirect ways. Five Save Life fosters ongoing educational opportunities for clients who are looking to start their own business, or who already run their own business. Five Save Life requires home business clients to sign a business contract, and these clients are also required to hire other single-parents from the organization or from their region as employees. 

At Five Save Life advocacy is integral to the support of our client’s, through assisting with preparing court documents, or addressing potentially unjust, or illegal treatment in a variety of settings. Advocating for our clients means that we are ready to speak up on their behalf, for anything from addressing a language barrier to assisting Legal Aide, to addressing unjust behaviour. Advocacy at Five Save Life means offering our clients with integrity and security, and offering them the space to feel safe and protected under Canadian law.

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