We are a community-based nonprofit organization. That supports single parents families coming from different backgrounds, races, religions, and ethnicities. 
They are the new extension of our big unique family.
We provide one-on-one consultation, parenting, budgeting and wellbeing workshops, and settlement services for newcomers and citizens.
We speak English, French, Arabic, Urdu, Somali, and Farsi.
Our team and volunteers, doing an extraordinary job in paving the road for our clients to explore our resources, activities, and events to start their new life. 
We support single parents inside or outside shelters to find a new home and to furnish it. Through; planning their budget and educate them about their options. 
We post renting places and jobs on our private pages and help our clients with their resumes and mocking interviews.
Our workshops always have an expert in the education, health, legal, and parenting fields to widen the horizon for them and let them catch up with the surround.
Besides, we are working contiously to close the gap between teenagers and their parents and between youth and seniors by involving them in programs and workshops to work together.